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  • Beyrouth blues

    Beirut and its inhabitants waver constantly between a relatively carefree outlook and a fear of insecurity, but Lebanon’s vital energy always shines through, whatever the circumstances. This energy manifests itself, for example, in the large number of venues for social and cultural activities throughout the city, where music plays a significant role.


  • A Texan scrummage in black-tie country

    Thus was the exchange of pleasantries which took place in a swanky Houston hotel between a heavy-set man in a black dinner jacket and myself in April 2003, a few weeks after the US intervention in Iraq, at one of the over 400 annual galas which pepper the social calendar in Texas’s economic capital.


  • The Algerian Mirror

    I am the Press and communication officer at the French embassy in Algeria. My job is to spotlight, regardless of taboos and prejudice, the rich ties between the Algerian and French societies and the daily work of all those who work to develop the relationship between our two countries.


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