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  • In Afghanistan, drones (also) serve science and heritage

    Jean-Michel Marlaud - Kabul, Afghanistan - 15 April 2016

    In the border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan, drones are well known for their military uses, whether for surveillance or air strikes. They have even won literary acclaim, with the recent publication of a thriller by an author writing under the pseudonym Doa, whose title, “Pukhtu primo” is a clear allusion to this part of the world.

  • Sufi music in Kabul as a tribute to the Paris victims

    Jean-Michel Marlaud - Kabul, Afghanistan - 4 February 2016

    The terrorist attacks of 13 November in Paris have triggered much emotion in Kabul. As early as the Saturday morning, numerous personalities contacted the Embassy to express their solidarity and a lengthy procession of visitors started, which would last around two weeks.

  • Istalif: blossoming trees and the blight of war

    Jean-Michel Marlaud - Kabul, Afghanistan - 30 June 2014

    The little town of Istalif is located about fifty kilometers north of Kabul. The idyllic appearance of the village and its verdant gardens hide the cracks that we were soon to discover.

  • Democracy is not (always) a smooth ride

    Jean-Michel Marlaud - Kabul, Afghanistan - 29 April 2014

    Less than a fortnight after the municipal elections in France, the Afghans were in turn called to the ballot boxes on 5 April for two elections: like in France, these included local elections. But they also included the first round of the presidential elections.

  • Kabul: Life in a submarine

    Jean-Michel Marlaud - Kabul, Afghanistan - 17 March 2014

    A few days ago, I was contacted by a journalist who was preparing an article on Embassies located in "high-risk" countries and who wanted to substantiate her story with a true account of life in such circumstances. As her title, she used a sentence which I had uttered: “Being in Kabul is like living in a submarine”. How could that image of a submarine have crossed my mind?

  • A new prize: Afghan woman of the year

    Jean-Michel Marlaud - Kabul, Afghanistan - 17 March 2014

    During a working session with the political chancery team, we discussed the various cooperation projects that the Embassy was running : could we come up with an initiative that the general public would view as symbolic of the importance of human rights? The idea of a prize was mentioned : it should be linked to women’s rights.


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