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  • Visuel Carnets diplomatiques

    Legal notice

    Jara - 7 March 2014

    Data collection
    Information may be collected for statistical purposes with the aim of improving the blog or solving recurring problems. The following information may be collected: name of the site from which you access the blog, date, time of access and e-mail address.
    Photo credits
    Photographs included in this blog may be taken from various sources. Unless otherwise stated, they come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs photographic and audiovisual production unit. Ministry (...)

  • Visuel Carnets diplomatiques


    Jara - 7 March 2014

    Aim of the blog
    This blog aims to facilitate discussion between civil society and those involved in French diplomacy.
    Design and management
    The blog publishes information from all ministry departments. All staff are encouraged to contribute. Editorial guidelines have been provided to help contributors write their articles. Articles are personal and signed.
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website team is responsible for day-to-day editorial, graphical and technical oversight.
    The blog (...)


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