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  • Faster than a galloping horse!

    Jean-François Fitou - Pyongyang, North Korea - 29 July 2016

    Everyone knows that at the Mont Saint-Michel, the tide rises faster than a galloping horse. North Korea created an even faster horse: Chollima. Today, it is doing ten times better with Mallima.

  • Alternate driving scheme

    Jean-François Fitou - Pyongyang, North Korea - 15 April 2016

    One image associated with North Korea is the never-ending avenues of Pyongyang stretching into the distance, empty of cars, serving merely as decoration.

  • Stamps and seasons

    Jean-François Fitou - Pyongyang, North Korea - 15 April 2016

    The privilege of issuing a stamp or stopping the calendar: two ways of expressing sovereignty, which is the only power that can stamp its mark in this way and give time meaning; two universal aspects of nationhood, which arose with nations themselves and are inseparable from them. North Korea, which constantly asserts its uniqueness, does not neglect either of them.


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