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  • The French residence, a tool supporting France’s economic diplomacy

    Etienne Rolland-Piègue - Seoul, Republic of Korea - 19 February 2015

    With their access to political and economic decision-makers, our ambassadors can act as advocates for France’s reputation, presenting arguments to encourage foreign investments in the country and giving a helping hand to our exports. They can also act as lobbyists to obtain the lifting of regulatory measures that are a barrier to trade and limit the market access of our goods and services.

  • Korea: no longer through a Japanese Looking-Glass

    Etienne Rolland-Piègue - Seoul, Republic of Korea - 21 November 2014

    An interesting thing is happening among Korean experts in France. People are developing an interest in Korea for its own sake, and not only as a country neighboring Japan and China.

  • The portrait gallery

    Etienne Rolland-Piègue - Seoul, Republic of Korea - 27 March 2014

    Opposite the ambassador’s office, in the waiting area or the corridor which his visitors pass along, there is usually a portrait gallery of all his predecessors: commenting on the portraits of ambassadors is something of a habit…

  • How on earth can anyone learn Finnish!

    Etienne Rolland-Piègue - Seoul, Republic of Korea - 11 March 2014

    We have all heard tales about polyglot diplomats capable of learning a new language in just a few weeks, adding it to a list already too long to count on the fingers of both hands. In truth, such individuals are rare.

  • “Wine and Diplomacy”

    Etienne Rolland-Piègue - Seoul, Republic of Korea - 31 January 2014

    During offical dinners, choosing a bottle of wine is not just a question of gastronomy or
    cost. A bottle is is a symbol to commemorate an event by adding a historical or cultural touch which can bring great pleasure to foreign guests.


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