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  • 14 Tunisian members of parliament, preparing the future

    Karim Ben Cheikh - French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, France - 19 February 2016

    Karim Ben Cheikh is an expert at the Analysis, Planning and Strategy Centre (CAPS). From 13 to 19 September 2015, he accompanied a delegation of 14 Tunisian members of parliament visiting French institutions. He tells us of this marathon of a week, during which he also had a paper on “migrations” to finish! A look back on a visit that was also an opportunity for him to remember his childhood in Tunisia.

  • International corporate volunteering: export adventures

    Catherine Chavrier - French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, France - 19 February 2016

    In my eyes, international corporate volunteering is a crucial step in a career in exports. This experience will be valued by future employers and will reassure the candidate of their ability to adapt to environments very different from French society.

  • At the Quai d’Orsay: Supplément au voyage

    Isabel Hénin - French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, France - 19 February 2015

    I’m a German exchange diplomat in France. Three days after assuming my functions at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I was already abroad on a trip to Vienna, and I found myself addressing an internationally audience: “France supports the German initiative...” What had happened?

  • The Wave

    Marie-Laure Charrier - French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, France - 13 January 2015

    It was ten years ago; I had a different job at the French Foreign Ministry. At the time, I was in charge of the Web Unit. It operated a bit like a start-up, almost independently, with elbow grease as its renewable energy source. We had a deadline on 1 January: an improved version of the Ministry’s website, with a new design and revised content. No budget and no outsourcing, so we would have no time off at Christmas. The team consisted of a dozen people, dipped in the fountain of youth at an average temperature of 28 years old; add to that a healthy dose of talent, determination and good humour… On 26 December 2004, aboard our little ship, it was all hands on deck.

  • 26 December 2004: When the impossible becomes reality

    Patrick Lachaussée - French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, France - 26 December 2014

    26 December 2004. There had been an earthquake measuring 9.5 on the Richter scale off the coast of Sumatra, then a devastating tsunami had struck Indonesia, the coast of Sri Lanka, southern India and the west coast of Thailand with unprecedented force.

  • Arabic and me

    Thierry Vallat - French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, France - 26 November 2014

    On returning to France and searching for a place where my children could continue to learn Arabic, I was faced with the problems one might expect in such a situation, regarding distance, class times, and quality of teaching.

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